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2008 - 2010

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Synchronium Consulting - Claude-Michel Prévost


White priest. Voodoo shaman. Mermaid. Reptilians. Sometimes, healing can be hell.
Men Without Shadow: WOW Factors

Some movies include tarot cards, even tarot decks sometimes, in their shots and story line.

Men Without Shadow is built (beats, acts, shots and scenes) upon 2 tarot decks:

Jacquarel the Hougan Kachou the mermaid Haitian Psychic Background
I've been using the New Orleans Voodoo deck for 7+ years.
Marika and earlier trauma Jean-Baptiste grows up Hurricane, Hurricane

And the Osho Zen tarot deck for 12+ years.

And this is where Osho's led me:


Some movies include animal sounds in the score.

In Men Without Shadow, you hear Whale all along the movie. Live.

You hear Whale from credits to credits. Live.

Some scenes have pauses reserved to the songs of a pod of orcas.

You can hear them now as you go through the story.

One channel for the sacred. Satellite Channel. Internet Channel.

For your movie theater. Your DVD. Your coffee house. Your daycare. Your school.

Operated by the United Nations. Dedicated to the human race and a pod of orca whales.

Every time, a unique experience.

It is the first movie the whole planet can jam to.

Now that the Whale channel is locked, realize that the rest of the score is free.

Go for the original soundtrack.

Better yet, choose the one you want. From whoever band or musician you want.It will stream while you watch.

Every time, a unique experience.

Now, what if you could actually jam with the rest of the planet?

Share music live for as long as you want, on the channel that you want?




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