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A/M/O/K/ 651 :: Awakening :: Synopsis

80 words synopsis

Until his accident, Murdoch Jefferson thought he was another average retired Canadian.

Except, his memories now leak: clandestine cocaine flights to Arkansas during Iran Contra days. School of Americas “interrogation” sessions. Satanic rituals from childhood.

His sanity crumbles while grandaughter and therapist, activists, ex-KGB agents and dead comrades trigger his multiples personalities.

Among the rubbles of the 2nd and last US Civil War, Murdoch searches for his creator and torturer, Nazi programmer Dr. Greenbaum.

And he finds him.

1 page Synopsis

Meet Murdoch A. Jefferson.

White. Canadian. Retired. Widowed. Lives in the West End.

His grand daughter Sam visits him regularly and shocks him into deep trances. His retirement home is nice and Charlene, the office manager, adores him.

He regularly feeds the crows in Stanley Park. His shrink, Dr. Watson, is also his long time programmer from the CIA’s Operation Paperclip.

Sometimes he mutilates himself in his shower but doesn’t remember.

One sunny day, Murdoch has a stupid head injury.

That’s when his visions start: human sacrifices, with him and other children present.

While Dr. Watson is away, his assistant Dr. Santarik gains Murdoch’s trust and fingerprints his brain: the “visions” did happen. The children were indeed killed. .

One of them shows up on CNN: Fernandez, now a DEA agent recently killed in mission.

Murdoch tries to contact Pompilus, the journalist who covered the botched DEA operation.

Fernandez shows up in Murdoch’s retirement home and dies in the strange shootout that ensues while Murdoch walks away alive.

Next morning, Murdoch turns up in Strathcona.

He is now Jerry Lemuel. He lives in a boarding house for retired longshoremen by Skid Row. Alice is his Chinese lover.

Same night, a bicycle courier with Maori tattoos and her girlfriend kidnap him.

They rip off his wisdom teeth. Bring him to a fishing camp where he’s drugged and buried alive while around him Native men hold a peyote ceremony.

That’s how Murdoch remembers more: cocaine bags being passed as Red Cross supplies. Clandestine flights to Mensa Airport, Arkansas.

And the sniper’s bullet that missed him and instead killed a little girl.

Next morning, Murdoch leaves the Native men and follows Fiorenti, comrade from the Iran Contra days, who brings him to a Buddhist monastery.

Fiorenti, now dying from AIDS, updates Murdoch: he, Murdoch, aka Jerry Lemuel, aka Sgt. Brownfield, was a highly talented “Intelligence Specialist / Torturer” at the School of Americas.

Him, Fernandez, Fiorenti and 2 other men were turned into AMOKs, mind controlled killers for the New World Order.

Meanwhile, Dr. Watson rebuilds Sam and uses her remote viewing skills to locate Murdoch.

He recruits five other local Amoks and enlists Dr Greenbaum, his superior, into a satanic ritual that requires slaughtering two young twins.

Sam gets reactivated. She expertly seduces Pompilus. Puts him under complete control.

Murdoch and Fiorenti meet with Krokofiev, ex KGB official.

Their meeting is interrupted by psychic attacks that leave other civilians killing each other in a mind-controlled frenzy. Murdoch returns to the monastery.

While he’s being debriefed in a floatation tank, masked soldiers slaughter the monks.

Murdoch escapes, to be picked up later on by Bicycle Courier and delivered to Krokofiev’s headquarters, a high end Miami penthouse.

Krokofiev uses high tech and good old torture to locate the programming that turned Murdoch, Fernandez and others into mind controlled killers

That's when their building - and the 2 private helicos - gets destroyed by air to air missiles.

Using the building’s water tanks, Murdoch and Krofoviev barely escape Death.

Murdoch now has 15 minutes to safely reach the UN refugee camp, while Dr.Watson chases him with 4 other Amoks.

Meet Richard Murdoch Jefferson. Stranded with his memories, his multiples personalities and his own soul, right in downtown Miami, where the second and last American civil war has just started.

AMOK 651. Awakening.

He was a good slave. He didn't even know he was a slave.


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