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A/M/O/K/ 651 :: Awakening :: Cynders

I wrote the very first synopsis of "The End Of Later", later "titled Berserker 651", then "AMOK 651", in February 2001.

In March 2004 I finished the Screenwriting section of my website, with the following links for AMOK 651:

The Bush Nightmare Retilians Bilderberg 2003 Attendee List and Other Related Material...
New World Order
CIA hid evidence of Iraqi's torture and murder
SOA ' School of Assassins
Iraq Civilian below
Latin America
Oliver North during his trial
War on Iraq What Team Bush Doesn't Want You To Know Oliver North Depleted Uranium
Pandemics coming to a town near you
Herny Kissinger. Murderer.
Oliver North during his trial Retilians News Sources

What has changed since?

Nothing much.

Guess where Guess when Guess how long

Same same but different.

Comics Crop Circles Chemtrails

Same same, only faster.

AMOK 651: Cynders. Coming very soon to a FEMA camp near you.

Bush isn't a Moron
The Bush Nightmare
Oliver North during his trial
Henry Kissinger
SOA: School of AssaSSins
School of Americas
Latin America
Iran Contra
New World Order
New World Order
"Crack the CIA" won the Audience Award at the 2002 Sundance Online Film Festival in the “Live Action” category.

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