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A/M/O/K/ :: 651 :: Part 1 :: Awakening

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2008 - 2010

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Target Unlocked: Characters

Douglas Leigh

  • White, mid 40s,
  • Irish-Catholic macho screenwriter,
  • Somewhere in the middle of a de-constructing life.

Dana Karachi

  • East Indian, mid-to-late 20s,
  • The grace and femininity of her culture
  • The chutzpah of a North American upbringing

Kaspa Jivani

  • Mid 30s, lanky East Indian GQ model-type.
  • Bollywood star.

Anthony Fergus

  • White, late 40s,
  • The action star who plays Berserker.
  • The jaw line.  The shoulders.  The flat stomach.   He's the true American Hero. 
Rita Santiago
  • Mexican, barely 20s,
  • Former Mexican soap-star
  • The e xotic bombshell who plays Sam.
Spike Ritts
  • Black, late 20s,
  • Dressed in designer black. 
  • Yale graduate, a pup in terms of film experience, but, oh so sure-of-himself and...
  • The new Studio Boss.
Max Stern

60s, old-time producer, one of the last honest men in Hollywood and Douglas' longtime partner.

Harper Lee
  • 30s, Hong Kong director and cinematographer.
  • Speaks like he's from Eton.
  • Only drinks high quality tea.


  • On TV SCREENS: ...just pixels...



Target Unlocked
War No More
Really? With a knife?
Latin America
Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State (Alex Jones)
Bedazzled Pics

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