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Beth (Thriller/Psychological/Horror)

This is how the story starts:

"Why are your nipples hard, Beth?"

It was a rotten question. But Calvin was a rotten person. That's why I couldn't stay away from him.

"You know why." It would have been foolish to deny it. I knew he could see them poking out against my blouse. Even if I'd had a bra on it wouldn't have helped much.

And I didn't.

Calvin's orders.

"You tell me," Calvin said.

Of course. I closed my eyes. "Because I--"

"No, no," Calvin interrupted. "Don't close your eyes, Bethy. Look at Calvin. That's it. Now."

I swallowed. "Because I want you."

"Do you now?"

"You know I do."

"Bullshit, Bethy."


"You don't want me," Calvin said. "You want what I can give you. What I can do to you. Right, Bethy?"

My throat was tight.

Calvin's voice was soft. "Isn't that right, Bethy?"

"Yes," I said chokingly.

"Tell me."

I was shaking. "Oh, please," I got out. "I--Calvin, please--"

"Beg for it," Calvin said.


"On your knees," Calvin said.
I went to my knees. I knelt in front of him. Panting.

"Beg," Calvin said.

"Please..." I gasped. "I beg you."

I didn't know what to say.

I would say anything.

I didn't care.

I had to have it.

"Go on," Calvin said.

"Please do it," I moaned. "Do it to me. I want it, god, I want it now, please..."

"Whore," Calvin said.

"Yes," I said. I was throbbing all over.

"Get the whip," Calvin said.

"Yes!" I started to get up.

"Crawl," Calvin said.

I crawled.

This is where the story is.

Read it. The author is very, very good.

The story is well written, and easy to adapt.

So I want to adapt it.

As soon as I get the money for the rights.




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