MWS: Men Without Shadow

A/M/O/K/ :: 651 :: Part 1 :: Awakening

Target Unlocked

Lovers' Leap

Belching Dragon


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2008 - 2010

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Synchronium Consulting - Claude-Michel Prévost

  White priest. Voodoo shaman. Mermaid. Reptilians. Sometimes, healing can be hell.
Men Without Shadow - Characters

Glen Sanford

White, Earlys 30s.

Lives in a converted school bus somewhere in the Okanagans with his Philipino girl friend Strawberry and his tribe of treeplanters, Rainbow children, hippies and hackers.

He plays drums and computers. Reveres Chomsky and Wade Davis. Gets fits of rage and sadness every time he's among subhumans.

Glen and his buddies concoct a potent hallucinogenic.

Glen himself plants the fake rootbeer in the cafeteria of the Vancouver Police, right during lunch hour.

Glen now hides in Haiti, Voodland, posing as a missionnary he befriended.

He just landed his own church in Fonds Des Neges.

And he's landed in the middle of a sacred wake.

Jacquarel Delva

Black, Mid 40s.

Bona Fide Voodoo Shaman. Freshly in charge of the material, emotional and spiritual health of his commune, now that his father's decided to pass away.

He must zombify Jean Baptiste, a neighborhood kid who nows supervises one of the many Cocaine labs growing all over the countryside.

And Jean-Baptiste is protected by a nasty right hand sorcerer.

As if having to love an homesick White American wife wasn't enough. Marika wants to go home NOW and she wants to take Benedict back with her.

As if having to fight an hurricane from passing through Cuba wasn't enough.

Now this honky's trying to steal the heart of his high priestess. His lover. Don't piss the shaman off.

Richard Lundquist

White, Mid 40s.

Police SWAT Team Leader.

The guy who drank the first glass of spiked rootbeer.

2 hours later, Skid Row burned down. Full scale riot, one way riot, better than rehearsal.

Skid Row burned down and Lundquist's soul with it.

He now has to live with the consequences.

But first, he wants revenge.

Kachou Desinor

Black, Mid 40s.

Bona Fide Voodoo Mambo / high priestess, equal to Jacquarel in the care of Ersulie Freda's temple.

Lover to Glen and Jacquarel.


Godmother to Benedict.

Jaded rival to Marika.

Marika Jones Delva

White, Mid 30s


Yes, this place is a monster shithole.

Yes, she missses modern US city life.

Yes, she wants a healthy place for raising her daughter.

Yes, she's got buttons huge like trampolines.

No, she won't share Jacquarel.

Benedict Jones-Delva

Metis, 12 years old.

Perfectly at ease in this Third World paradise.

Doesn't want to see Jacquarel and Marika separate.

Will try anything to get her mother healed.

Including a few magic tricks she learned from her Dad and Kachou.

And maybe the new White priest can help.


Black, early 30s.

Leads the cocaine lab operation inside Jacquarel's territory.

Just lost his wife in a gang war.

Is protected by Iscariote.

Searches for redemption among cocaine lines and UZIs.

Finally finds it.


Black, Mid 40s, Sorcerer

The right hand sorcerer who protects Jean Baptist.

The man who serves a Reptilian. Who delivers 20, 30 thousand deaths a year.

The one who kills Jacquarel's mentor in a magical rooster fight.

The one who uncovers the DEA agent.

The one who dares harass Kachou.

Who challenges Jacquarel to the ultimate duel.


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