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2008 - 2010

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Synchronium Consulting - Claude-Michel Prévost

  White priest. Voodoo shaman. Mermaid. Reptilians. Sometimes, healing can be hell.
Men Without Shadow - Synopsis

30 words synopsis

Sanford spikes the SWAT team’s drinks and Skid Row burns down.  
He now searches for redemption among children, slave traders, mermaids, DEA agents, sorcerers and narcotrafficantes. 
And he finds it.


50 words synopsis

Sanford spikes the SWAT team’s drinks. 
Lundquist gets the first glass. 
Two hours later Skid Row burns down. 
Sanford now passes as his missionary uncle.
He lands in Fonds-Des-Negres.
He searches for redemption, among children and slave traders, mermaids and DEA agents, Voodoo sorcerers and narcotrafficantes.
And he finds it.


150 words synopsis

Vancouver. Sanford switches pop canisters. Lundquist drinks first.  Skid Row burns down.

Fonds-Des-Negres. Glen arrives, posing as a missionary.  He gets warned by Jacquarel, the local shaman: 24 hours left.

Jacquarel’s White wife, Marika, wants to leave with their daughter Benedict. And he must zombify Jean-Baptiste, a narcotrafficante protected by Iscariote, black magic sorcerer.  

Sudden earthquake. Glen gets wounded.   Kachou, the local Mambo, heals him.  Jacquarel kills Glen. Kachou resuscitates him.

Jacquarel and his apprentices meet Cuban sorcerers. A UFO led by a Reptilian chases them.

Benedict reconnects Glen with Lundquist. And Marika leaves without Benedict.

Jacquarel poisons Jean-Baptiste. He almost gets caught by Iscariote.  

Jean-Baptiste comes to Kachou and Jacquarel for healing.  He helps them evacuate Fonds-Des-Negres before dying in battle against Haitian Police forces and DEA agents, while Glen redeems himself by evacuating civilians.

With support from Glen and Kachou, Jacquarel defeats Iscariote and helps Benedict heal Marika.


1 page synopsis

Act One

Ecstasy. DMT. Ketamine. THC. Salvia. LSD. Peyote. And root beer.   Lunch hour.  Glen Sanford switches pop canisters in the cafeteria. Lundquist drinks the first glass. Two hours later Skid Row burns down.

Glen now passes as Father Fontaine, the old missionary he’s befriended.  He lands in Fonds Des Negres, Haiti. Same day he sees a woman turn into a mermaid.   Same day as the wake for Philoctete Delva, the local Voodoo shaman, who's decided to pass away.
While cleaning his church Glen disturbs Philoctete Delva's wake. He gets the welcome wagon from Jacquarel Delva.   White priest and Black shaman beat the crap out of each other.  Jacquarel cheats.  "Advises" Glen puking his last supper: Whitey got 24 hours.
Glen listens. Tries to leave. Crashes back in the church.  In his sleep Lundquist calls his name.

Act Two

Next morning, Jacquarel and Patrician, a fellow sorcerer, watch Jean-Baptiste lead a routine refuelling operation for a remote cocaine lab.  Jean-Baptiste has protection: Iscariote. Jacquarel and Iscariote were lovers and business partners during the old Goree Island ebony trade times. Up the mango tree, two barn hawks discuss how many days are needed to zombify Jean-Baptiste.

Same morning, a battered Glen delivers his first mass. Discovers his first earthquake. Receives a coconut on his coconut.  He gets healed by Kachou he saw earlier turn into a mermaid.  Jacquarel kills Glen.  Kachou beheads Jacquarel.  She resuscitates them both. Stays by Glen.

While assessing the damages Jacquarel fights again with Marika, his homesick white American wife. Marika leaves for good. And without their daughter, Benedict, who chooses Kachou.

Later, Jacquarel and his apprentices meet with Cuban sorcerers above Guantanamo. In the eye of an incoming hurricane, they pray for peace and mercy.
Alert. UFO. Its robotic soldiers manipulate the weather. A Reptilian commands them. The sorcerers escape, morphing as dolphins, snappers and jellyfish, but Jacquarel looses his older apprentice.
Meanwhile, Benedict comes to Glen for holy water to help her heal Marika.   She reconnects him with Lundquist and his team still delirious among slaughtered Skid Row civilians.  Glen spends the night with Kachou, Jacquarel with Marika's empty side of the bed and his promise to bring her back to Benedict.

Next day, Jacquarel poisons Jean-Baptiste. He almost gets caught by Iscariote, busy setting up Patrician’s death in a magical rooster fight. When Jacquarel comes to help Patrician die in peace, Iscariote awaits him. With support from ants, plus Glen and Kachou, Jacquarel defeats Iscariote and the Reptilian he serves.

Act Three

Jean-Baptiste comes to Kachou and Jacquarel for healing.  In exchange, he helps evacuate Fonds Des Negres and heal Marika  - already in Miami -  before dying in battle against Haitian Police forces and DEA agents, battle where a naked Glen redeems himself by evacuating mothers and children.
Men Without Shadow.  Sometimes, healing can be Hell.


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