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White priest. Voodoo shaman. Mermaid. Reptilians. Sometimes, healing can be hell.
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The Ant and the Gorilla.

Same Old Story: Slaves, Zombies and Free men Internet Movies Database - Haiti

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Movies and Documentaries:

Ghosts of Cite Soleil

Black Sugar

  • A shocking look at the living and working conditions of Haitian agricultural laborers in the Dominican Republic.

North South Monologue

  • In this film on foreign aid and investment in a developing country, a filmmaker and a journalist from Canada travel to Haiti, where they seek out rich and poor to find out where foreign dollars go. They discover that a North-South dialogue does not exist, and that the profit motive lurks behind the myth of foreign aid.

On Hopscotch & Little Girls

  • Hopscotch is universal. Girls around the world trace squares on the ground, then hop through them, trying hard to reach the end. Some are frail, some strong; all are beautiful. Whether they live in India, Thailand, Yemen, Peru, Burkina Faso or Haiti, they all speak of having much of their childhood stolen from them. Because they are girls.

Baby Business

  • Increasingly, middle-class families in the developed world who are unable to have children seek to adopt in the Third World where middlemen are making money out of misery and turning international adoption into a trafficking operation in babies. Nevertheless, elimination of the middlemen allows humanitarian programs such as the one in Haiti, under which two British Columbian families adopt babies from unfortunate families seeking a secure future for their children.

Grande Saline

  • OXFAM-Québec sponsored a desalination project in the hard-pressed Haitian village of Grande Saline, where the lack of clean drinking water is the main cause of diseases.

Harvest Of Hope

  • Harvest of Hope is the quintessential primer for understanding the roots of the current crisis in Haiti. The film dramatically captures seminal moments in the history of Jean-Bertrand Aristide and the Lavalas movement that swept him into the presidency in December 1990.

Human Rights: Haiti, Turkey, Oman.

  • Part of the Series Global Issues in Our Developing World.
  • The first segment of this program documents Haiti’s two-century struggle to end violence and institute voting rights for its people. In Turkey, 300,000 Bulgarian citizens exiled by Bulgaria’s outgoing Communist regime are making new lives for themselves and their families. In Oman, economic windfalls from the 1967 oil boom have done little to reduce high rates of illiteracy among women. (30 minutes, color)

Commander in Chief: Clinton aka Clinton The Dickhead

  • Elected to fix the economy, President Clinton sent troops to more global hot spots than any commander in chief in the past fifty years—from Somalia to Iraq to Haiti to the Balkans. This program goes behind the events and press conferences to examine how a leader made fateful decisions. Clinton’s commitment to send peacekeeping troops to Bosnia, for example, when over 70 percent of the American public opposed it shows the difficulty of those choices.
  • Archival footage and readings from the President’s diary complement interviews with former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Richard C. Holbrooke; former Secretary of State, Lawrence S. Eagleburger; and Leon E. Panetta, Former White House chief of staff. A Discovery Channel Production. (52 minutes, color)

Pilgrimages and eye contacts:

Haiti - Voodoo Haiti- Narco Colonialism
  • Same old same old. Just another source of residual pain.
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