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A/M/O/K/ :: 651 :: Part 1 :: Awakening

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2008 - 2010

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Synchronium Consulting - Claude-Michel Prévost

  White priest. Voodoo shaman. Mermaid. Reptilians. Sometimes, healing can be hell.
Men Without Shadow - Doorways

Step right in, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Some of you probably came for the Voodoo story.

We have possessions, Ladies and Gentlemen, serious blanking outs and letting someone/something came inside and take control of you.

We have people who get beheaded and go looking for their missing heads, people who were buried two nights ago and still rub off the dirt and soil on their calves.

Ay Bobo, Ladies and Gentlemen! We even have birds talking like humans!

We have a man who turned himself into a rooster and lost his last fight. He died and waited for 2 days for his friend to come help him leave. We have Santeria and Voodoo sorcerers fighting with aliens in the eye of a hurricane, turning into seagulls and snappers, turtles and dolphins. Co Languett, Ladies and Gentlemen!

We have ancestors, from as far as the shores of Guinea, as far as the first slave boats. We have parades for the Lost Souls, Ladies and Gentlemen. Candles and altars and neighborhood processions under full moon.

We have a White man, an honorable soldier, turned into a beast, a destruction machine. We have a Black Man serving entities that feed on human pain.

Step right in. We have Voodoo for you. Bona fide Voodoo, to review and study if desired. Not just the typical Horror B-movie Hollywood and others loved to produce. Voodoo from real people in real life situation. Bona fide Voodoo made in Haiti, Ladies and Gentlemen!


Did you come for the Buddies story?

Well, where else will you find a Black Man and a White Man fight each other for their faith and the love of a mermaid and make music together for the sake of an orphan?

Or, walk naked and peaceful, one praying, one singing, in the middle of slaughter and destruction? Or join forces to kick ass against a nasty evil alien soul sucking entity?

Are you looking for the Love story?

White Priest loves Black Priestess. White priest also left Asian Lover at home.

Now, Black Priestess also loves Black Shaman. And Black Shaman adores homesick American White Wife.

You figure it out.

Are you here for the Redemption story?

White priest is fake.

White priest is real Canadian but fake priest hiding as real US priest. Because 3 weeks ago he skiped the rootbeer in the Vancouver RCMP cafeteria.

3 weeks ago 2 hours later Skid Row burned down. 23 dead. 148 injured. Curfew and martial law declared in Vancouver. Friends AWOL. Girl friend gone.

White priest got some serious soul searching to do.

Now, Black Shaman. Looks OK so far. Squeaky clean. Takes care of his village. His father. His daughter. Got some complications with the wife but hey, you know. Small stuff.

His daughter don't think so. Small stuff comes from long term abuse. So Black Shaman must actually do magic. Another magic. Healing magic. Close to home.

Got some problem with the zombi thing, cause now there's a nasty Sorcerer in town that he must defeat, but hey, that's just work. So what's his problem?

Black Shaman actually had a great time 10 or 12 lifetimes ago. Black Shaman made a fortune in the ebony trade. One of the slaves he sold was his present wife. His business partner was the other Sorcerer.

Black Shaman got some serious souls searching to do.


You're here to join the Revolution?

Let me get this clear: you mean that something is sucking humans dry? Raising them across the whole planet like cattle for slaughter? Preparing them for the last harvest?

Are you kidding ?

So you came to hear the Whales?

Men Without Shadow has moments of silence reserved to the songs of a pod of orcas.

You can hear them now as you go through the story.

One channel for the sacred. Satellite Channel. Internet Channel.

For the movie. The DVD. The flat screen monitor in the kindergarten.

Bring Orca FM back
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