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2008 Calgary Stampede :: The Year of the Tower Card

Beautiful women. I was  happy. Jo Ann, Ashley, Singer OneI was hugged.
12 readers. 22 days. About 23, 25 readings per day. The Tower card started showing up on Day 2. Kept showing up on Days 3, 4 and 5. We kept comparing and checking. Tower and Death. In my readings it would pop up almost from nowhere; Calgary. Within the next 3 to 6 months. September - October 2008. The shit will hit the fan.
Calgary Stampede 2008 Laurel gives a 5 card reading
It is so strange to live in 2 words, to watch insanity running rampant with slaughter fully approved. I ate more meat in 12 days of Stampede than the last 2 months in Nelson and Crawford Bay. I still can't stop the addiction: on my way to or from the patch I will grab a peperroni stick or a sausage.
Calgary Stampede 2007
James came up for the weekend and the Jazz Festival, and I ate more meat with him in 3 days than in the last 2 weeks.We refueled at Eric's meat in Kaslo. Steaks on the barbie for Monday supper.
They had a bunch of models posing and playing with the crowd. People complained that one of them, Summer, was too sexy
Talking about meat, Alberta beef is at leat 10% imported. Only once did they offer fish on the menu. I did dropped my amount of cigs and tokes, partly thanks to the nice Calgary Police officers who confused me with a pepper spray toting Lebanese man.
She makes beautiful horses
Calgary Stampede 2007
Calgary Stampede 200. Frank has a year to live. He still doesn't think so.
Calgary Stampede 2007



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Osho Breakthrough
Osho Breakthrough
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