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2008 - 2010
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Synchronium Consulting - Claude-Michel Prévost


Lovers and Other Strangers

James and Jody's blood family (grandmother and aunt) Tyrone, James and Jody's brother Jody Keeta
James Mellan Pierre Claude Philoctete Reggie Electric Dana Brunanski
Brian Leslie Mike JahRun Chilam Balam Durani
Karl St. Victor Tanya Bryant Blake Havard Antoine lent us his restaurant for Karen Rampion
Neil with Spot Lisa Webb in Tucan Dance Danielle at Sacred Space Clark Nicolai.
Kistie and Sonia Carole Clements Kirk Moses Deborah
Sayde Davis Madeleine Wood Nadine Collett NelsoN Brunanski
Mike Nelson, where are you? Paul Jo-Ann Platt Anthony Fenton

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