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  Internet Movie Marketing :: Reciprocal Links


A reciprocal link is a mutual link between two objects, commonly between two websites in order to ensure mutual traffic. Example: Alice and Bob have websites. If Bob's website links to Alice's website, and Alice's website links to Bob's website, the websites are reciprocally linked.

Website owners often submit their sites to reciprocal link exchange directories in order to achieve higher rankings in the search engines.


Find the Number of websites that link back - and bring traffic - to your competitor's website

Go to

Type in the URL of your competitor

Click on: Find Web pages that link to your competitor's URL

Use that information to identify media sources, websites and directories that could also link back to you


How to set up reciprocal links

  • Find GOOD QUALITY, complementary sites.
  • Place a link to them on your site.
  • Only AFTER you've placed a link to them, email the owner of the site a short, friendly note.
  • Address him or her by name. (If the name isn't on the site, you may be able to find it at
  • Genuinely praise something on the site.
  • If you can't find something worth praising, delete the site from your list.
  • Tell the web site owner you've linked to their site, giving them the URL of the page where you've place your link.
  • Ask for a link back to your site, suggesting a page where the link would be appropriate.
  • Three weeks later, if there's been no reply, send a brief, polite reminder. It's easy for emails to be lost or overlooked.
  • Use the phone and/or snail mail. A link from a good site is a very valuable thing.
  • If you can't get noticed by email, consider trying a phone call or posting a letter. They're more expensive but also more likely to attract the answer you want.
  • Keep an alphabetical record of sites you've linked to and requested links from. You need to know who you've contacted and who you haven't.

Want links from pages with high PageRank?

  • To boost their PageRank, some webmasters concentrate on getting links only from sites that have high PageRank. (If we all did this, no new site would ever get reciprocal links.)
  • If you want to try this approach, PRsearch is a useful free search tool to use. It gives you Google search results PLUS PageRank.
  • You type in a key phrase and can quickly see the PageRank of pages optimized for that phrase.
  • You can also click on number beside the words "inbound links" and you may find more sites with high PageRank.


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