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Synchronium Consulting - Claude-Michel Prévost

  Internet Movie Marketing :: Competitive Intelligence


"Competitive Intelligence is defined as business intelligence focusing on the external competitive environment.

Chances are, the movie you're working on has been done before, quite a number of times.

Your client should provide you with these competing films' names and other details from their movie Marketing plan or business plan.

NB: Your client should be able to list 5 competitors' movies, past and present .

If not, run away. They haven't done their homework and you won't be able to save their ass.


Competitive Intelligence: Objectives
  • Identify other movies that deal with the same subject, genre, theme or market.
    • subject, i.e. Sasquatch, dog, Manitoba etc.
    • Genre: romance, thriller, comedy etc.
    • Theme: crossdressing, love, coming of age, Alzeihmer etc.
    • Market: teens, tweens, male, US etc
  • Study their website.
  • Study their online exposure, in other words, track their paths across the Internet.
  • Apply this knowledge to your present movie so you can beat them at their game.


Competitive Intelligence: Strategies

There are 6 Modules or ways of looking at your competitors:

  1. Their Online Content Strategies
  2. Their Online Community Strategies
  3. Their Online Sales Funnels
  4. Their Online Commerce Strategies
  5. Their Search Engines Exposure
  6. Their Online Newsgroups Exposure
  7. Their Online Media Exposure
  8. Their Other Online Traffic Strategies
  9. Their Online Technology Platforms

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