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Synchronium Consulting - Claude-Michel Prévost

  Internet Movie Marketing :: Online Sales Funnel
These following six basic tools and strategies help you bring in, qualify, inform visitors and turn them into sources of feedback, referrals, and, ultimately, customers.
  • Closing Rate
  • Server Logs
  • Sales Funnel
  • After Sales Support
  • Site Layout
  • Online Ads

What's your closing rate?

If your site has 100 visitors and you make 1 sale then 1/100 which equals 1% conversion rate.

As soon as your sales volume starts to rise you can see the benefit from increasing your conversion rate.

If your conversion rate is high (say 20%) then you have to look at marketing rather than sales issues.

If your conversion rate is low (say 1%) then you need to take a good look at what is going wrong.

What do your Server logs say?

  • Who are your main referrers (i.e. how people got to your site)?
  • What are the most popular entry pages (i.e. the first page in your site a customer looked at)?
  • How sales-oriented are your exit pages (i.e. the last page a customer looked at before leaving.
  • Normally the exit page is the page that put potentials customer off from looking further in your site. It may be a page with an obvious error on it or it may just be that your visitors had to jump through too many pages in orderto get to the sales page.

Online After Sales Support

Best chance of making a new sale is to your returning customer.

So, treat them well after they have made a purchase.

Deal with their order and despatch it as quickly as you can.

Keep them informed, or -better yet - allow them to track their order.

Turn them into loyal advocates: deal with their complaint as quickly as possible.

Trust them since they trusted you.

Have your after sales email address and or phone line visible and operational. Use autoresponders to acknowledge reception and prompt response.

Online Ads

Adverts are displayed on search engine results pages, so you are almost guaranteed to get visitors coming to your site.


  • Adverts cost much per visitor. This is great since the lead that has been generated is a qualified lead. But if you are selling low value items, then the cost of that sale might means low profits, no profits or losses
  • You risk the relying on paid for adverts only to bring online sales leads.
  • Google and other search engines will not count the fact that you paid for ads towards your overall link popularity.

It is much better to work on all aspects of your site that will increase your link popularity before relying on ads.


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