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Filmmaking :: YMAW Young Men's Adventure Weekend

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Shovelnose Creek, Squamish Valley. 76 young men. 24 older men. For each and every one, a rite of passage. A tradition. A beautiful thing.




  • I was a grunt.
  • Dorian Leslie and Chico had the cameras, plus they were each leading their own young men's teams.
  • Brad Leslie - Dorian's father- provided most of the pictures.

Story Notes

  • "Where is the love" was already on the air and way deep in my soul.
  • The story line is simple: arrival, event, departure. Before/After kind of thing.
  • And of course, the real story happened in the editing room.

Production Notes

  • In total, we had about 3 hours of footage, including some Production Team meetings, which I left on the cutting floor (not enough to develop a thread, and the audience was more the young men we wanted to attract to future YMAW than the men who served on Production.)
  • Next time, more cameras, more footage, more interviews.
  • Next time, remember which button is on and which button is off. I missed the entire scene where the Enforcer gets dunked in the river. And I had the best view!!
  • The YMAW Executive team made 100 copies of the movies for their fundraising campaign.

Editing Notes

  • I learned how to integrate stills into the story and edit them like video frames.

Sound Notes

  • Not really interesting. Just the story. The frames where the young men where being interviewed were used to present them early in the story

Location Notes

  • Shovelnose Creek, near Squamish, British Columba. The territory belongs to a brown bear named Boris.


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