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What do you mean, Splatstick?

24 hrs short film contest entry using the word "Mordant", negative space, 2 zygotes, a psychotic clone who thinks she's the original and a broken plastic bird. We didn't make it up. These were our cues.

  • May 2002
  • 5 minutes entry in the 24 hours short film contest.
  • Soundtrack: some weird copyright free electronica music provided by the contest organizers
  • Responsibilities: Producer/Writer/ Camera/FCP-G4 Editor


  • My first 24 hours short film contest.
  • My first short movie ever.
  • I led my first movie team ever.
  • Boy did I learn.
  • Boy did I have fun.
  • Boy did we sucked.
  • I was high for 2 weeks.
  • I knew what I want to be when I grow up.
  • Friends and roommates: Gerry, Lin, Guthrie, Jo Anne , Karl, Lisa, Russ, Bryce, Toni Manza, Mike Nelson.
  • Clark Nicolai provided G4 and advice.
Story Notes
  • I had forgotten to script and to shoot the blood scenes! The whole thing was supposed to be splatstick
  • We had way too many characters to follow, and people didn't understand the 2 zygotes
  • Script Continuity is a good thing. Thanks, Lin!!
Production Notes
  • Lack of sleep killed me
  • We didn't shoot the blood scenes untill 3 in the morning.
  • My very first Transition!! When the parrot prop turns into the psychotic clone coming to kill the original.
  • The credits were 5 seconds too late so we were disqualified.
  • As I said, we sucked.
  • Since then, I've heen hooked, and produced or help produce an short every 2 months on average.
Editing Notes
  • I had no idea what I was doing.
  • A week later, I made a Director's Cut, about 9 minutes long
Sound Notes
  • The copyright free soundtrack from the 24 hrs short film contest sucked.
  • Later on, I found a sountrack from Simply Blue that fit perfectly.
Location Notes
  • Vancouver Public Library, McLean's park in Strathcona, The Artist's Loft on Main and 5th (2 locations in perfect cross fire), Arcanum Books.


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