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Filmmaking :: "Dating Blind" October 2003 24 hours short film contest.

's hair: her scarf, falling down
Prince Charming and Bad Pervert
He sold Rapunzel for ...
Rapunzel getting nervous around Bad Witch

24 hours short film contest entry based on “Rapunzel” by the Grimm Brothers.

Dating Blind: October 2003

Karen Rampion (Remix of "Dating Blind"), November 2003.

Responsibilities: Partner/Co-Writer/ FCP-G4 Editor



  • My 2nd entry in the 24 hrs short film contest


  • Richard Mayencourt (Witch)
  • David Lougheed (Prince)
  • Megan Lewis
  • Lindsey Burnett
  • Anita Neufeld (Team Leader)
  • Karyn Klain (Rapunzel)
  • Brian Calvert (Rapunzel's parents)

Story Notes

  • We placed Rapunzel on Richard's rooftop for her tower, and we used her scarf as symbol for letting down her hair.
  • The pumpkin prop worked perfectly.
  • At first, we had David play the Witch. In Karen Rampion, I used this footage for an extra dream scene where Rapunzel wishes she was talking to him instead of the Witch.

Production Notes

  • No sleep
  • The restaurant owner where we were shooting got drunk and almost kicked us out.
  • The sound sucked.
  • The soundtack sucked. (i.e. I sucked trying to make it work.)
  • We finished the whole thing by Sunday 9:30AM

Editing Notes

  • Dating Blind: my beginning was way too frigging long

Sound Notes

  • I edited everything - the story first - without a single sound. Then we pasted the music.


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