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Filmmaking :: Fall @ Your Feet

Bryce Thing, Actor Extraordinaire No homos here. Circulez.
Kaen, where are you now? Lady D and her bossom buddy
Lady Kaen, where are you? Bye. Job done. Mission accomplished.

2 men bring their wounded comrade into the garden where Eve awaits.


  • We shot same day as the Vancouver Folk Fest.
  • And we had tickets
  • So we shot the whole thing in 5 hours.


  • Patrick Collins (3rd comrade)
  • Nalanda Wijesinghe (camera)
  • Karl St. Victor (1st comrade)
  • Lady Kaen (Eve)
  • Bryce Rasmussen (2nd comrade)
  • Florence Etienne, Benedict Etienne, Benjamin Etienne, Mariam Durrani, Tiesa Khan Leudi (extras)

Story Notes

  • Keywords: brotherhood, men, wounds, support, relief, recharge.

Production Notes

  • It was a beautiful day.

Editing Notes

  • A lot of the shots had to be left on the cutting floor. Shaky camera work.

Sound Notes

  • We found the whale song 2 hours before the final cut and added it.

Location Notes

KM 87
Le vent l'emportera
Dating Blind / Karen Rampion
Mermaid & Valley
Lady Strathcona: sea taxis
Who BY Fire

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