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Filmmaking :: Le Vent L'Emportera

Tidal Flats
Produce Warehouse
Birds on a wire

A murder of crows.

Thousands of them.  

2008 Summer Solstice.

Their pilgrimage back home, from Stanley Park to Beta Avenue, over landscapes and humans.

Their main pit stop: Lady Strathcona.

Music: "Le Vent L'Emportera" by Noir Desir. Click here for lyrics.




About 8,000 crows head back home. They start packing 90 minutes before sunset.

Flight and fancy, winds and sun rays: Stanley Park; West End Seawall; Burrard Bridge; False Creek; Science World; Tidal Flats; Stratchcona community gardens; Commercial Drive, Trout Lake, or  Renfrew and 5th; Lougheed Hwy & Willingdown Ave.; BCIT. Beta Avenue. Home.

Summer Equinox. Murders of crows above landscapes, neighborhoods, and humans. Heading to their last protected home.

Technical Challenges      

  • Principal Photography only
  • Principal Photography: One single half-day shoot. Monday March 20 2006.
  • 12 main locations.= 12 identical cameras.
  • 12 secondary locations.
  • Weather.
  • The map is not the territory: give or take a mile, up or down, left or right.
  • Continuity across digital cameras (lenses, parameters, calibrations etc.)
  • Continuity across lenses and shots
  • Remote controlled helicopters for aerial footage.
  • Local and Canadian score and music about crows.
  • Make the documentary an animation.
  • Make the animation a meditation.

Content :: Focus    

Present the crows’ communal behavior in parallel to the humans’ evening rituals and neighborhoods.

Technical Platforms

  • Cameras: HDDV
  • Online Editing: Final Cut Pro/Pro Tools/Macintosh
  • Remote controlled helicopters.

Creative :: Strategy          

Rotoscopy a la “Waking Life



KM 87
Le vent l'emportera
Dating Blind / Karen Rampion
Mermaid & Valley
Lady Strathcona: sea taxis
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