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Synchronium Consulting - Claude-Michel Prévost


Lady Strathcona



  • 10 short movies, 5 to 7 minutes long each, about Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood and its residents, shot and edited “Baraka” Style:
  • “Baraka” Style: Footage around a specific theme; time lapses; no talking heads; soundtrack from local musicians and local soundscapes.


Bill lives in the converted school bus, with his rottweiller. Calvin lives in the camper van, with his german sherperd. They've been on the road for years. They love Strathcona.



  • Tent City vs Yuppies vs Locals vs City
  • Shot with a grant from the National Film Board

Blood Moon:

  • Old age. No money. 1 bedroom apt. on 5th floor, Cordova St., facing Oppenheimer Park.
  • And it's Welfare Wednesday. Sex, drugs and poverty as seen from a senior's window.

Men @ Work:

  • The produce warehouses workers. Railroad crews. Stargate props artists at 1010 Parker St. Speedy Postal workers.
  • The 18 wheeler drivers.
  • The Yellow cabs headquarters. Lunch at the Old Foundry. Dumpster Divers. the local junkyards.

Sea Taxis:

  • "Take me to the Tiramiso, please".
  • Better yet: "Driver! Follow that Seabus!". 2
  • 4 hours in the life of a taxi bus, going up and down the harbour, up and down the freighters.

Tchoo Tchoos:

  • Tidal Flats used to host hoboes and locos.
  • Trains still feed, container by container, the tall steel cranes that feed, and unpack, container by container, the freighters down Chinatown.



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