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Chemtrails: Clouds Of Death 23 min 30 sec - Jan 30, 2006

Fibers in my lungds

June 21th 2008 4pm atmos readings

Aerial Spraying over Van Nuys, CA, March 21, 2008

A nice true color image from NASA looking at the back edge of a storm that is just clearing the western Great Lakes states. This is a very dry atmospheric environment in that the passing storm has cleared the area of available moisture for clouds formation plus the inherent stabilization, post storm, leads to very clear skies. So we have many thick contrails that are lasting in an environment that shouldn’t support their visible existence. Hence we have evidence of the contrail markers versus natural contrails. Abundant rippling over Michigan tells us that we have EM energies stimulating the atmosphere and thus the weather makers need to fly the contrails to measure this action and decide whether to employ counter measures as needed. A couple of arrows have been added to point out the thick spreading contrails laid down just along the back edge of this storm, and the interesting dissipation over central Lake Superior marked earlier by the fading three north/south contrails. End the scalar/EM warfare; end the contrail marker program.


On vous trompe et on vous ment
Union Dunlevy
On vous trompe et on vous ment
William Thomas & Libby Davis
Union Dunlevy
Barclay St by Denman
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