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Synchronium Consulting - Claude-Michel Prévost

  Internet Movie Marketing :: Sales Copy and Localization

It's all about your visitors: they want concise information, that must be balanced with emotional rewards, in a user friendly approach that allows familiarity, even a 1 by 1 experience between them and you.

By the way, who are your visitors? The more you know about them, the better equiped you will be to convey your message the right way.

Remember: your words are there to deliver projected Sales and Marketing results.

It's all about removing obstacles between your visitors and their "Yes."

Obstacles such as

  • Stale content
  • Complicated navigation
  • Non standard language
  • Fuzzy headers and titles
  • Too many words
  • Not enough consistency
  • Broken links
  • Flash animation overkill
  • Credibility
  • Printability problems
  • Etc.

It's all about using the technology properly to bring them to that "Yes."

Is that empty enough for you?


"The strategic characteristics of the company's global sales potential are systematically analyzed in terms of global players, globalization drivers, and a globally-balanced set of strategies. The analysis results in the integration of the domestic and international visions and strategies into a single global vision and set of strategies and the globalization of the company's long-range strategic plan. "


"Integrating the domestic and the international into a single global vision and a single set of strategies is part of the company's long range strategic plan.

This integration requires analysis of the company's global sales potential, in light of the global players, the globalization drivers, and a globally-balanced set of strategies.

Watch your language

Writing for the Web involves:

  • Strong language
  • Interactive language
  • Traditional styles
  • Colour use
  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Verb Tenses
  • Stand Alone Pages
  • Extensive Proof Reading
  • Lists
  • Font choices

From Idea to Results: 5 ays to make your newsletter pull more business
  • Strategy Development
    • Determine the right approach, content and frequency to achieve your objectives.
    • Where appropriate, develop an editorial calendar to ensure that the content addresses the seasonal concerns of your target audiences.
  • Content Development
    • Create or source relevant, targeted content that positions your website as an industry thought-leader and expert.
  • Editorial Management
    • Distribution - Deliver your eNewsletter to your email list, using spam proof email broadcasting systems or partners.
  • Track the Results
    • Check the real-time access to statistics reporting the efficiency of your program, along with recommendations for improvements

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Some clients:
Coaching & Leadership Int'l
6AM Media
Aroga Group
Awen Press
Be Your Own Boss
East Vancouver Entrepreneur Assistance Society
Freedom Scientific
Nurture With Nature
Internet Exposure
Metro Training Institute
Summer Love 2001
2002 Vancouver Hip Hop Film Festival
Surrey Delta Immigrant Society
Towards Excellence

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