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Synchronium Consulting - Claude-Michel Prévost

  Internet Movie Marketing :: Reciprocal Links


  • Diminishing costs:

    • The "cost per click" of a reciprocal link decreases with every click.

  • Stable costs:

    • Traffic from reciprocal links is immune from increased ad costs due to traffic spikes or bidding wars. A traffic spike from a reciprocal link, or even a steady increase due to ordinary web traffic growth, is free with links.

  • Reliability:

    • Reciprocal links continue to drive traffic, even if marketing budgets get stretched thin.

  • Search Result Enhancement:

    • Many search engines will reward you for being "popular", as well as for being a "hub", which is a representation of the number of links going out of your site, a commonly overlooked fact.

  • "Fail-safe" network.

    • Reciprocal links are not reliant upon a single point of control, as are many other sources of traffic, like search engines.

  • Stability:

    • Reciprocal links are stable in average. Webmasters want to keep their site connected, and their connections up to date.

  • Branding:

    • The more links you have, the larger awareness for your website.

  • Traffic Driver:

    • A well-structured links page can be used to bring people to your site.

  • Market Intelligence:

    • Reciprocal link traffic patterns can reveal many of the real "players" in an industry.

  • Minimal Oversight:

    • Unlike pay-per-click search engines and banner ads, links take only limited management time once they are in place.

  • Asset Value:

    • Reciprocal links can greatly enhance the equity value of a website.

Warrning: Do not use use link swapping sites: Google and other engines know all about them and might penalize you.

Some clients:
Coaching & Leadership Int'l
6AM Media
Aroga Group
Awen Press
Be Your Own Boss
East Vancouver Entrepreneur Assistance Society
Freedom Scientific
Nurture With Nature
Internet Exposure
Metro Training Institute
Summer Love 2001
2002 Vancouver Hip Hop Film Festival
Surrey Delta Immigrant Society
Towards Excellence

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