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Re-Evaluation Conselling, aka Co-Conselling :: Human, can you spare 5 minutes?

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Co-counselling (spelled co-counseling in American English) is a grassroots, low-cost method of personal change based on reciprocal peer counselling.

It uses simple methods that can be seen as a refinement of "you tell me your problems and I'll tell you mine".

In particular, time is shared equally and the essential requirement of the person taking their turn in the role of counsellor is to do their best to listen and give their full attention to the other person.

It is not a discussion; the aim is to support the person in the client role to work through their own issues in a mainly self-directed way.

Co-counselling was originally formulated in the early 1950s by the American Harvey Jackins through a combination of his personal experiences gained through a wide range of counselling experience.

Jackins founded the Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) Communities, with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, USA.

His son, Tim Jackins, is currently the international leader of Re-evaluation Counseling and its main affiliates.

There are a number of smaller, separate, independent organisations that have resulted from (originally) breakaways from, or re-workings of, Re-evaluation Counselling.

The principal of these is Co-Counselling International (CCI), which can be considered to be a fork away from RC.

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I'm so glad I discovered RC

My first teacher (RC Fundamentals) was Elizabeth Sheffrin.

Thanks to her I discovered the Black Liberation and Community Workshop.

Since then, I've been to many Workshops for Allies to Jews, Musicians support groups, Artists support groups, World Wide Change, People of Color support groups. Men's support groups and others.

If you've done the Fundamentals Class, know that I am available for face to face, phone and Skype sessions.

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